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The Source is an online education platform to inform, support and equip your clients with the tools and information they need when it comes to resolving their family law dispute.

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With one easy login you can give your clients unlimited access to The Source to answer all their family law and procedure questions as they think of them. They can access The Source  anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The Source is a monthly subscription platform with unlimited access for all clients. You can pass a small part thereof onto your clients as a disbursement, an incredible value add to the family law service you already provide.

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The Source will equip your clients with valuable information and skills so they come to you well informed, with realistic expectations and ready to give you clear and concise instructions on their family law matter. Saving you time to get on with the important work you do.

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The Source

Want to know what content your clients will have access to? Here's a quick overview but you can expect a whole lot more!


Building skills and insight into conflict resolution so your clients have a solid understanding into effective communication and negotiation.

Module highlights

  • How to end the 'Push and Push Back' of conflict.
  • Unlocking the '3 Keys of Communication' for effective discussion.
  • Learning to negotiate with purpose and how to get to 'yes'.


This module helps your clients understand their responsibilities as a parent and how to factor in their children's best interests when making decisions.

Module highlights

  • The legal and practical meaning of ESPR, parental responsibility and best interests of the child.
  • Consideration of living arrangements for term time, holidays and special days.
  • Navigating co-parenting, changeovers and communication.


Helping clients decode and unwind property after separation and divorce can be difficult and time consuming. In this module we pave the way by explaining the process in this simple and easy to understand module.

Module highlights

  • Building a balance sheet: what's in and what's not.
  • The 4 (or 5) Step Process.
  • Exploring contributions.
  • Understanding future needs.


Often our clients want to know what happens next. What if we can't agree? Do I have to go to court? When will this be over? This module maps out the pathways and options for your clients throughout the process.

Module Highlights

  • The important of legal correspondence and negotiations.
  • The Mediation process.
  • The options of Arbitration.
  • Litigation and what to expect if you go to court.


Parent's often think they have it all worked out when it comes to their kids' needs after separation and divorce. This module gives parents insight and understanding into child focused decisions and co-parenting moving forward.

Module Highlights

  • Developmental stages and how they should be factored into parenting arrangements.
  • Routine is a co-parenting superpower.
  • Co-parenting as a team and limiting children's exposure to conflict.

Coming soon...

You can expect to see the content expand over time. Here's just some of the additional modules coming soon.


Your client might the one who wants it, or they might be the one who doesn't want to pay it. Either way it's important they understand the test that is applied before discussing it with you any further.

Module Highlights

  • Is there a need?
  • Is there capacity to pay?
  • How it can be received.
  • How it can be documented.


Despite being front and centre of news and media, our clients often have a limited understanding of domestic (and family) violence, protecting themselves and their loved ones and how it applies to their family law matter.

Module highlights

  • State orders (that are nationally recognised) for protection.
  • Keeping safe and getting support.
  • Impacts on family law matters.


Having the means and fund to support children before during and after separation are often on the minds of parents. In this module we give practical tips so your clients are informed of how to get the process started.

Module Highlights

  • Child Support Agency options and calculations
  • Private Agreements

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