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The Hub - Family Law CPD Podcast!

Introducing The Hub, the first dedicated Family Law CPD Podcast!


The Hub - Family CPD is an open access podcast that tackles a wide variety of informative and educational family law topics.

Easy to access

The Hub - Family Law CPD is a podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your pods! Listen on your commute or while workout, complete your CPD when it suits you.


The Hub - Family Law CPD is a completely free! No subscription, no logins and no commitments. Find an episode that interests you and hit play!

Hello and welcome.

I'm Rachael Hempling, barrister, mediator, FDRP & the host of The Hub - Family Law CPD Podcast. 

I have over 17 years experience as a legal practitioner and have spent the last 7 of those in family law and mediation. I love sharing ideas with like minded lawyers and am always curious to learn more.

Podcasts are one of my guilty pleasures, so what better way to communicate with my family law colleagues than to bring one of value to you.

Tell me more about the CPD Hub!

Yes! It's an open access podcast and absolutely 100% free to all lawyers, law graduates and law students who practice or are interested in practicing in family law.

It's also open to those who work in and around family law such as psychologists, counsellors, law clerks and many more.

Simply head on over to wherever you consume your pods and hit subscribe!

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Rachael Hempling will be your host and will talk to a wide range of talented guest presenters.

Do you have something to offer? Or do you know someone who would be perfect for The Hub - Family Law CPD Podcast? Please get in touch with Rachael with your topic idea.

[email protected]

We recommend that you get in touch with your governing body or law society to check your individual requirements. 

Absolutely, get in touch with Rachael at [email protected] to let her know what you'd like to hear more about!

Who doesn't love a good Pod?!

In this busy world, we need to consume information in a way that best suits our hectic lawyers lives. We don't always have time to go to conferences, or book into to an online session, not to mention the cost! The Hub - Family Law CPD Podcast is free to family practitioners, law graduates, students, paralegals or anyone who has an interest in family law.

A sneak peak at our upcoming guests

Shelby Timmins - Divorce Done Differently

Shelby challenges lawyers and their clients to Think Different, Do Different and Be Different when it comes to separation and divorce. Shelby talks about her role as a Divorce Coach, what's involved and how working with one can assist your client.

Joelene Nel - Family lawyer, mediator and FDRP.

The Family Law Act tells us that Parenting Plans are the 'start here' for all parenting matters. Joelene talks about why they are so important and what we need to consider when drafting them for our clients.

Emma Heuston - The Remote Expert

Emma is the original remote worker before Covid19 made it mainstream! Join us as Emma helps you get some 20/20 vision for the future of your law firm! 

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