Episode 1: Community

In the very first episode Clarissa Rayward, the Happy Family Lawyer, interviews Rachael to see what's in store for The Separation Place Podcast.

Episode 2: Mediation

Rachael speaks with Anne-Marie Rice, a leading family lawyer and mediator who shares her thoughts on the value of mediation in resolving family conflict.

Episode 3: 7 essential things kids need after separation

Donna Cameron, clinical, psychologist, child consultant and family therapist, discusses the essentials we need to mindful when it comes to the kids after separation.

Episode 4: Divorce coaching

Shelby Timmins is passionate about doing things differently in the family law space. In this episode she discusses her one aspect of her work as a divorce coach.

Episode 5: What to expect when you see a family lawyer

Julann Tiernan, a family lawyer and accredited specialist joins us this week to answer those burning questions about what to expect when you see a family lawyer.

Episode 6: Why separated families need a parenting plan

Joelene Nel is a family lawyer,  mediator and co-parenting mum two teenagers. In this episode we discuss why it's so important to have parenting plan for the kids after separation.

Episode 7: 3 steps to creating a successful parenting plan after separation

Rachael and Joelene consider how communication, education and conversation are key to negotiating a successful parenting plan after separation.

Episode 8: The Conflict Trap

We speak with Donna Cameron, psychologist and family therapist, about how parents can avoid The Conflict Trap after separation.

Episode 9: Domestic Violence

This week I have an important conversation with Kath Manby, family and domestic violence lawyer, about domestic violence and how to ensure your family is safe after separation.

Episode 10: What's your health type?

Dr Cam McDonald from ph360, an exercise physiologist and dietitian, talks about why an individualised approach to your health is key to your future health and well-being.

Episode 11: Self Esteem After Separation: Pt 1

Cliff Battley, clinical psychologist, speaker and author, gives us some practical insights into how to nurture our self esteem after separation.

Episode 12: Self esteem after separation: Pt 2

Cliff Battley, clinical psychologist, speaker and author, gives us some practical insights into how to nurture our self esteem after separation.

Episode 13: What's a BFA?

Suzanne Harrison, solicitor and Accredited Family Specialist, join us to discuss: What's a BFA? (Hint: Think Pre-nup or even post-nup!)

Episode 14: How to ask for flexible work arrangements after separation

Jo Alilovic, employment lawyer and co-host of 'The Juggle' Podcast joins us to discuss flexible work arrangements after separation.

Episode 15: The important work of the Family Relationship Centres

This week I speak with Dan Sheptooha who helps us understand the important work that goes on in a Family Relationship Centre. 

Episode 16: Easy Separations: redefining the separation process

Kym Briese and Sharyn Wagner join me this week to talk about their new passion project: Easy Separations.

Episode 17: Let's talk about the Womens' Legal Service Queensland

Nitika Balaram, lawyer at the Women's Legal Service Queensland, gives us some insight into the incredible work she and her colleagues do at WLSQ.

Episode 18: On Your Own Two Feet: Managing your finances after separation and divorce.

Financial Advisor Helen Baker is the author of On Your Own Two Feet: Your Survive and Thrive Guide. She talks us how you can move towards financial independence after separation and divorce.

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