Family Matters

Family Matters


The Online Course that helps you make your own arrangements for the kids after separation.


Imagine having the tools to create your own Parenting Plan

When it comes to separation and divorce the information out there can be overwhelming. Family Matters is an online course that will step you through the process. In 8 easy to follow modules you will equip yourself with the skills and information you need to get plans in place for the kids. Without going to court and without ongoing conflict.

Flexible and convenient

Allowing you to complete the modules anywhere and anytime. You have access 24 hours, 7 days a week and can work at your own pace.


This court costs a fraction of what a lawyer will charge making it a cost effective place to start.

Packed with information

With over 4 hours of recorded content plus guides, templates, calendars, workbooks and other bonuses material to help you through.


If you are ready to create a positive future after separation for you and your kids, let's get started.

After watching so many families struggle through the expense and heartache of the court system, I knew there had to be another way.

Families could make their own arrangements after separation if only they had to right tools.


FAMILY MATTERS is a one of a kind program that…

1. Equips you with effective communication skills
2. Informs you of your parental responsibilities
3. Steps you through the conversation process
4. Helps you discover your path for the future

So if you’re ready to finally get your parenting plan sorted while avoiding expensive legal fees, you are in the right place.

Here's how we'll help you get here, learning when you want and where you want.


Imagine equipping yourself with the tools and skills to stop conflict in it's tracks! Using the steps and the skills of a qualified mediator takes, you too will be communicating and negotiating like a pro!

Module highlights

  • How to end the 'Push and Push Back' of conflict.
  • Unlocking the '3 Keys of Communication' for effective discussion.
  • Learning to negotiate with purpose and how to get to 'yes'.


This module helps you understand your responsibilities as a parent and how to factor your children's best interests when making decisions.

Module highlights

  • The legal meaning of parental responsibility and how it might affect you.
  • Understanding the term 'best interests of the child' and how that might impact your plans for the future.


Deciding where, when and how the living arrangements work is the probably the largest point of conflict I see. In this module we step through your options factoring in the developmental needs of your children, depending on their age bracket.

Module highlights

  • How to structure your schedule so it is compatible with your family's life
  • How to factor in the emerging developmental needs of your children when structuring living arrangements.


Most parents don't know where to start when deciding who the children spend time with over holidays and on special days such as birthdays, Easter and Christmas. This module steps you through making decisions that are simple and easy for the children to transition into.

Module Highlights

  • How to factor school holidays into your plans so you can all enjoy some valuable downtime.
  • Giving consideration to other special days including Christmas, Easter, birthdays and Mothers'/Fathers' Days.


If you get these right, you are well on your way to successfully co-parenting your children positively. We step you through making the right decision, the first time, to make sure changeovers are calm and respectful. Your kids will thank you for it.

Module Highlights

  • Explore changeover options and set ground rules.
  • Communication options and structures so everyone knows what's happening next.


Education and care are an important part of your children's lives. In this module we help you make decisions about school and daycare along with other matters such as nutrition, relocation, travel and how to deal with children's passports and other documents.

Module highlights

  • Managing school and daycare as a team
  • How to make decisions around nutrition, relocation, passports and travel


Walking you through the conversation with the other parent, step by step, so you can make arrangements for the kids. We provide all the templates you need from inviting the other parent to chat to your comprehensive Workbook and Guide to getting a parenting schedule off the ground.

Module Highlights

  • How to approach the other parent with a neutral mindset.
  • How to structure your conversation to make sure the discussion is directed and purposeful.


This is your "Where to Next?" module. What to do with your agreement and how to move forward. Even if you didn't get an agreement on everything we have all the resources to help move you forward. Including resources and services that are no or low cost. It doesn't have to be an expensive experience!

Module highlights 

  • We got an agreement! What now?
  • We got some agreements! What now?
  • We didn't agree or the Conversation didn't happen. What now? Discover all your options including ones that don't necessarily cost the earth.


If you are ready to create a positive future after separation for you and your kids, let's get started.

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