Family Matters Mediation

Family Matters Mediation


The one of a kind mediation process that combines education and mediation to resolve family disputes after separation and divorce.


Education + Mediation

When it comes to arranging family dispute resolution, it can be difficult to know where to start. Family Matters Mediation offers you a flexible, convenient and affordable option to resolve family conflict.


Flexible and convenient

Allowing you to complete the education modules anywhere and anytime. 24 hours access, 7 days a week so you can work at your own pace.


Private mediation services in an affordable price model for an all inclusive costs of less than a $1000 per parent.


You can complete the process in under 2 weeks from beginning to end so you can organise your post separation life sooner rather than later.

What's in the box?

When you purchases the Family Matters Mediation package, it includes:

  • 12 month access to the Family Matters Online Course 
  • Free course materials and resources
  • Up to a 1/2 hour pre-mediation telephone intake session
  • Up to a 4 hour online FDR mediation using the platform Zoom
  • Parenting Plan - should one be agreed
  • A s 60I Certificate (if appropriate and/or required)



I'd like to see a sample lesson!

Do you want to try before you buy? Here's a 10 minute sample lesson on parental responsibility, a concept that parents must have a good understanding of before making arrangements for the kids after separation. 

Your Roadmap

Watch this 9 minute video to see the journey your will take using the Family Matters Mediation process.


Count me in!

If you are ready create a parenting plan that works for the whole family enrol now. An organised family is less likely to experience ongoing conflict after separation.

What's in the Family Matters Course?

FAMILY MATTERS is a one of a kind program that…

1. Equips you with effective communication and negotiation skills


2. Informs you of your parental responsibilities and what the 'best interests of the child' really means

3. Assists you in understanding your options for living arrangements, changeovers, holidays and more. 

4. Highlights why the developmental needs of children need to be factored into parenting arrangements.


Here's a detailed outline of what you will learn in Family Matters.


Equipping you with the tools and skills to stop conflict in it's tracks! Important skill building in communication and negotiation will ensure a more positive mediation.

Module highlights

  • How to end the 'Push and Push Back' of conflict.
  • Unlocking the '3 Keys of Communication' for effective discussion.
  • Learning to negotiate with purpose and how to get to 'yes'.


This module helps you understand your responsibilities as a parent and how to factor in your children's best interests when making decisions.

Module highlights

  • The legal meaning of parental responsibility and what it means practically
  • Understanding the term 'best interests of the child' and how to be mindful of this concept when making plans for the future.


Deciding where, when and how the living arrangements work is probably the largest point of conflict I see at mediation. In this module I step you through your options so you can factor in the developmental needs of your children, depending on their age bracket.

Module highlights

  • How to structure your schedule so it is compatible with your family's life
  • How to factor in the emerging developmental needs of your children when structuring living arrangements.


Most parents don't know where to start when deciding who the children spend time with over holidays and on special days such as birthdays, Easter and Christmas. This module steps you through making arrangements that are simple and easy transitions for the children.

Module Highlights

  • How to factor school holidays into  plans so the whole family can enjoy some valuable downtime.
  • Giving consideration to other special days including Christmas, Easter, birthdays and Mothers'/Fathers' Days.


Getting these right will reduce conflict and promote a successful co-parenting relationship. I step you through considering all of your options, to make sure changeovers are calm and respectful. Your kids will thank you for it.

Module Highlights

  • Explore changeover options and set ground rules.
  • Communication options and structures so everyone knows what's happening next.


Education and care are an important part of the children's lives. In this module I help you consider your co-parenting options around managing school and daycare. I also discuss other matters and strategies such as nutrition, relocation, travel and how to deal with children's passports and other documents.

Module highlights

  • Managing school and daycare as a team
  • How to make decisions around nutrition, relocation, passports and travel


Mediation can be a daunting process. In this module I discuss how to stay on track so you can get the most from your mediation.


  • How to approach mediation with a neutral mindset.
  • How to structure conversation to make sure the discussion is directed and purposeful.

Enroll now

So you can get a plan in place for the kids sooner rather than later.

Access for one parent


One payment

Family Matters Online Course

Pre-mediation Call

Online Mediation (50%)

s 60I Certificate (if applicable)


Access for both parents


One payment

Family Matters Course x 2

Pre-mediation Call x 2

Online Mediation with Rachael

s 60I Certificates (if applicable)


50% Complete

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