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Family Lawyers

We help family lawyers provide affordable online mediation services supported by our online client education platform.


Hi, I'm Rachael Hempling

I'm a barrister, mediator and FDRP who specialises in keeping your clients out of court. I created The Separation Place to bring affordable online information and mediation services to your clients, but without diverting your clients away from your firm.


How can we help you?

Partner with us to provide a streamlined resolution pathway for your clients.

Where do I start?

Which package do they need?

Up to 2 hours

This short form mediation is only suitable for a parenting or property mediation, but not both. It is appropriate if your client has a single issue or is nearly there with their negotiations. It's probably not appropriate for clients if they have little to no agreement before they start. 


Up to 4 hours

This half day mediation is the best place to start for those who need to negotiate a Parenting Plan or a property settlement. It is sometimes possible to cover both parenting and property, but not always. A further 2 or 4 hour mediation can be booked if your client needs more time.


What's included in the 2 hour mediation package? 

  • Confidential telephone intake;
  • Up to 2 hours of online mediation;
  • Full access to Family Matters or Money Matters online programs; 
  • Templates, workbooks and balance sheets to assist in the negotiation process; and
  • Referral back to you for the drafting of orders or further negotiation.



Some things take a little more time

The 4 hour package allows for more comprehensive discussions and full access to both our online programs, Family Matters and Money Matters.

What's included in the 4 hour mediation package? 

  • Confidential telephone intake;
  • Up to 4 hours of online mediation;
  • Full access to Family Matters AND Money Matters online programs; 
  • Templates, workbooks and balance sheets to assist in the negotiation process; and
  • Referral back to you for the drafting of orders or further negotiation.

Tell me more!

We answer your questions to make this process streamlined and stress free for you and your client.

You simply refer your client to The Separation Place website and they can purchase the mediation package you have recommended.

Once they have made their purchase, they will receive an email and a link to book online. They will also receive access to our online platform which is full of quality legal information, templates, workbooks and balance sheets to assist in the negotiation process.

In this brave new world of ours there have been some positive changes to the way we use technology to make our lives easier. Family mediation is no exception.

After the client purchases their package they will automatically be directed to our online booking which will trigger their Zoom link. The collection of all other paperwork is automated and completed online making the process easy and fuss free for your client.

During the mediation Rachael will facilitate the conversation, help the parties come up with some options and solutions and if time permits, draft either a parenting plan or heads of (property) agreement for the parties.

Yes, Rachael Hempling is currently conducting all mediations for The Separation Place.

Rachael is a nationally accredited mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner registered by the Australian Department of Attorney General. She has over 16 years experience as a lawyer and now practices exclusively in family mediation.

As The Separation Place grows, we hope to add to our list of mediators soon.

We guarantee a turnaround of 4 weeks, but in most cases we will have dates available inside 2 weeks.

No, we never draft orders so we can remain completely independent and neutral through the entire process.

We always refer your client back to you as this is your client and not ours. We highlight how your referral has saved them thousands of dollars and that you are best placed to draft their orders.

We value our partnership and referral arrangement with you and will never undermine it. 

Yes, see the bottom of this page and we will email you one to keep and print out for your clients.

We know that you can't make people attend mediation. But we can offer a helping hand by extending a neutral olive branch.

We do offer a service where we get in contact with the other party and invite them to mediation and highlight why it would be a good idea (and in their interest) to attend. This service costs $397 and includes a section 60I Certificate if they refuse to be involved. 

We offer both and it is completely up to the parties to decide.

If they can be on the same screen it can sometimes speed up the process. However, some feel that they just can't negotiate or communicate effectively if they are confronted by the other person, even on a screen.

If one or both elect not to see one another, they will be placed in separate (virtual) rooms and Rachael will move between the two rooms facilitating the discussion and negotiation.

Absolutely, simply ask your client for the Zoom link and you are more than welcome to attend, assist and advise your client throughout the mediation.

Lawyer assisted mediations bring more voices to the mediation and discussions often needs more time to develop. 2 hours is not usually recommended in these circumstances.

We also adopt the shuttle model of mediation if one or more legal representative is attending the online mediation so there is not an (perceived or otherwise) imbalance of power.

Rachael is the author of two online programs, Family Matters and Money Matters, which are designed to assist your clients in the resolution of their family law disputes. These are offered as a precursor to mediation as it will often smooth the pathway once key concepts are explained and understood.

Family Matters helps your clients understand concepts like 'parental responsibility' and 'best interests' and have a strong emphasis on positive parental communication.

Money Matters assists your client in getting their property pool together and helps them understand the notion of contributions and future needs in a no frills, plain English approach.

In both programs there is a strong emphasis on meaningful and future focused negotiation rather than engaging in an unhelpful tit-for-tat based approach.

Does your client need help getting the other person to mediation? 

The Separation Place offers a full arrangement service whereby Rachael takes care everything for you.

For a fixed fee of $397 Rachael will:

  • Contact the other person;
  • Reassure the other person that she is independent and neutral and doesn't represent either one of you;
  • Reassures the other person how mediation is a positive and empowering process to resolve your differences;
  • Explains the process in full;
  • Answers any questions;
  • Liaises with you both to find a mutually agreeable time and date; and
  • provides a s 60 I certificate if one is deemed appropriate and/or necessary.



Want to know more about our online programs?

We equip your client with communication skills and key family law concepts before mediation to ensure a positive and directed conversation at mediation.


Our Family Matters is a pre-mediation online program designed to compliment the information and advice legal practitioners give to their clients around co-parenting after separation. There is a focus on understanding key concepts, making practical arrangements while encouraging and supporting positive communication between the parents. 



Money Matters offers a practical approach on how to build an agreed property pool. It assists your client understand key concepts such as contributions, future needs and how to approach the mediation with an open negotiation mindset. The program also encompasses the importance of getting their legal practitioner to assist them with documenting their decision at the conclusion of the mediation.


Need to check Rachael's availability?

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Have you heard about our CPD Hub?

Do you want free online CPD?


In August 2020 The Separation Place is launching 'The CPD Hub'! 

We plan to cover 3 broad topic area's in our CPD Library.

  1. Family Law and Mediation;
  2. The Business of Family Law; and
  3. Keeping well in Family Law.

Our webinars will be monthly, recorded and stored in our CPD Library that you'll have access to anywhere and anytime!


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