Calming the conversation

Aug 21, 2018

Family conflict is absolutely debilitating to those experiencing it. Loss of sleep, anxiety and worry, stress and pressure of what will the future look like for your family unit. People experience most of these negative aspects because they leave their conflicts to fester, rather than address them sooner rather than later.

The good news is that so many families in Australia can work together to find a co-parenting arrangement. Now, I didn’t say you have to like each other! But you do have to work together to make sure those children of yours are happy, healthy and live the best life they can lead. And you are going to help them do that by eliminating the stress of family conflict from their lives.

Imagine if there was a tool that helped you decrease the conflict, come up with a plan that works for all family members live your life without the dark cloud that’s been hanging over you. Well there is! And its called mediation.

Here are the top 3 reasons why mediation...

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