Who do you trust after separation?

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2020

Go onto google and type in the words “divorce” or “separation” and you will be bombarded with 3 pages of expensive lawyers and big banks all competing to get your attention.

One of those big banks has set up a whole website on separation. At first glance this seems amazing. But look closer and the tips for separation include things like:

  • ways to get another credit card after separation; and
  • how to get ready for separation by printing the last 7 years of your bank statements out.

We despair at these tactics at The Separation Place. It is sneaky behaviour dressed up as social responsibility and it is not okay.

If money is tight after separation (and mostly it is), adding to debt is not necessarily in the best interests of either of the separated parties if it can be avoided. And, as for the 7 years of bank statements – that is something that is necessary to go to court.

What we are interested in at The Separation Place is keeping you out of court and guiding you through the messy middle. 

By the messy middle we mean:

  • Giving you legal information in a language you can understand.
  • Working out what your property is (without printing the equivalent of 6 trees worth of paper),
  • Ways you can talk to your ex about the property and the kids without things blowing op.
  • Looking at future needs in a non contentious way
  • Child Support
  • Dealing with bills (and not by getting more credit cards)
  • How to deal with the couple mop up.
  • And most importantly, how you can solve these issues, build financial independence and keep your eye on a fresh start.

 Money Matters, and so do you

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