Are you the passenger or the driver?

Are you the passenger or the driver in your family separation?

When a marriage or relationship ends, it might feel like your world has broken into a thousand different pieces. The aftermath seems incredibly overwhelming. What do I do? Where do I go? What are my rights? I have no idea where to start! I can’t face this right now.

Here at The Separation Place we think that there are two different options for you when you need to sort out your arrangements for your kids.

Be the passenger

 You can get into the passenger seat and sit next to someone who can guide you through the system, move you through the process and get you out the other side. The driver is often a lawyer. An expert driver mind you. They know exactly the direction you need to head in and they know the roads well. The only set backs are that: 

  1. they don’t know how much the ride is going to cost (because the length of the journey is uncertain); and 
  2. They are not really sure of the destination. They can give you a range of possible destinations, but can’t exactly pinpoint the spot you’ll be dropped off. As the judge will decide your final destination, whether you like it or not.

Be the driver

The other option is to politely decline the offer of a ride from the lawyer through the legal system, as you have you own set of wheels. Get into your 10 year old Mazda 3 and buckle up! Now you can cruise down this road of family separation taking wrong turns but ultimately driving yourself and taking control of the ride (and the destination). 

Now the good thing about being the driver is that you don’t have to pay to be driven, all it’ll cost you is some fuel and your time. However, this road you are driving on can be pretty rough. Potholes, unexpected detours and roadworks that delay your journey forward. But what if you could pay a small amount for a virtual navigator, a GPS of sorts, to help you know where those potholes and roadworks are so you can avoid them all together?  The great thing about this navigation system is: 

  1. You’re going to get you there so much faster than driving around aimlessly by yourself looking for the way forward;
  2. It’ll cost you less than 1 hour of being driven around by a lawyer; and
  3. It’ll show you all the roads and even some shortcuts so you don’t have to go looking for them.

Now what if I told you that this navigation system has just been released.? Well it has! Its called The Online Family Separation Course.

It’s an online course that gives you unlimited access to the roadmap 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to make arrangements for the kids.  You drive, at your own pace, you’re in control with your navigation system showing you how to avoid the potholes and roadworks. 

If you’re up for being a driver, head on over to our free webinar now.

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