Providing you with an affordable and dignified pathway to move beyond separation and divorce.


Hello, I'm Rachael. I have a confession to make. I am a lawyer, a barrister in fact. But I am not like other barristers as my mission is to keep you out of court. I want to provide you with the antidote to the conflict that's going on in your life right now.

I have watched so many families struggle through the expense and heartache of an overloaded and broken family court system. I decided I wouldn't standby and watch this system. I would try and change the approach to separation and divorce so I created The Separation Place.

Despite what you may have seen or heard, separation and divorce doesn't have to be disrespectful, vengeful and full of blame. Nor does it have to end up as a bitter showdown in court after you've paid tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. There is an alternative.

I have created a pathway to help get you out of this conflict trap you've found yourself in, so you can move towards writing the next chapter. 

It is my mission to help you bring this difficult chapter to an end with dignity so you can get on with discovering your path for the future.

So who am I and how can I help you?

In 2018, after over 16 years as a barrister I stopped representing people in court. I realised that I could do more for families outside of the courtroom than in.

My work as a family mediator has shown me that there is a more empowering way to resolving conflict. By helping people really understand the rights and responsibilities involved in family law so, with my guidance, they can make their own decisions moving forward. 

I work with families every day to keep them out of court. I listen without judgement and I help you speak and be heard. 


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