Episode 9

Kath Manby, a family and domestic violence lawyer, joins us this week to discuss Domestic Violence and how to keep your family safe after separation.

This week we are joined by my good friend, colleague and all round beautiful human being and lawyer, Kath Manby. Kath is a family and domestic violence lawyer who's endlessly passionate to ensuring safety inside the family unit.

Kath is the Principal of VM Family Law, a law firm located in Brookwater, in the outskirts of Brisbane that specialises in family and domestic violence law. Not only does she work tirelessly for her clients but she also trains lawyers and other professionals in domestic violence law. She is the perfect person to talk to when it comes to understanding domestic violence which is sometimes a factor in relationship breakdowns and separation.

In this episode we talk about what Domestic Violence is, and how you can get help if you think you, or someone you know, may be a victim.


Relevant links:

In an emergency please phone 000 immediately.

Domestic Violence Assistance:




To get in touch with Kath at VM Family Law:


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