Episode 7

This week Rachael and Joelene consider the 3 steps to creating a successful parenting plan after separation. With considered communication, education and conversation you will be better equipped to negotiate a successful parenting plan with the other parent.

In this weeks episode Rachael and Joelene consider the 3 steps needed to create a successful parenting plan that works for the whole family after separation.

The first step is Communication, or considering the language you use when discussing arrangements with the other parent. If you remember your 3 keys of communication, Listen, Don't Blame and Re-frame the conversation is more likely to be productive and lead to problem solving when it comes to your parenting plan.

The second step is Education, or finding out all the important information necessary to create a parenting plan that it is the children's best interests and mindful of their developmental needs.

The third is Conversation, or discovering how to best structure the discussions and negotiations with the other parent. It's important to consider and plan when in comes to the conversation which can sometimes be difficult if you haven't been communicating well in recent times.

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