Episode 4

Shelby Timmins encourages her clients to think different, be different and do different when it comes to separation and divorce. In this week episode she talks about her role as a Divorce Coach.

Shelby is passionate about doing things differently in the family law space and is determined to get parties, their lawyers and other professionals to look at separation, divorce and the breakdown of families in a more respectful and future focussed way.

With this in mind, Shelby stepped aside from practising law in Sydney and established a boutique family dispute resolution practice which specialises in mediation, collaborative practice, divorce and separation support and family law wellness workshops. Her business is DIVORCE DONE DIFFERENTLY.

One component of her business is divorce coaching before during and after separation and divorce. It was this aspect of her practice that we discussed in our wonderfully informative conversation this week.

So listen in to this weeks episode of the podcast to find out what a divorce coach is, how they can help and where you might find one.

If you'd like to get in touch with Shelby at DIVORCE DONE DIFFERENTLY you can contact her at [email protected] or follow her fabulous Instagram account by the same name. 

Don't know where to start after separation?

We'll point you in the right direction. Download your free copy of  'Finding Courage after Separation' now for practical tips on how to move your family forward after separation.


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