Episode 3

Clinical psychologist, Donna Cameron, gives us wonderful insight into the 7 essential things that kids need after separation.

Donna Cameron is a clinical psychologist, child consultant for the family courts and a family therapist. She works with families before during and after separation and has a good understanding of what kids need after separation.

In this conversation we talk about the 7 essential things kids need after separation and why it’s so important, as parents, to be mindful of them.

Those 7 essential things are:

  1. Routine
  2. To stay out of conflict
  3. To be allowed to love both parents
  4. To talk about their feelings
  5. To know its not their fault
  6. Time to heal
  7. To not be the messenger

Listen in on this practical conversation as Donna talks us through some important tips to consider when it comes to the kids after separation.

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Find our more about our fabulous guest, Donna, and the wonderful services she offers.




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