Episode 24

This week Lucy Percy from Head and Heart Estate Planning joins me to discuss how you should consider your Will before during and after separation.

This weeks episode is a tough topic at the best of times and I thought long and hard about pushing publish as it deals with information that might be difficult to hear in these unprecedented times of the Covid19 Crisis. But after speaking to those I trust, I decided to release it because my fabulous guest Lucy Percy is an intelligent, empathetic and kind estate lawyer who delivers information in way that our listeners can really benefit from. Lucy is the principle of lawyer of Head and Heart Estate Planning, helping families create a loving and secure future for their children. She is a busy mother of 3 and has some brilliant tips to get you thinking deeply about your plans for the future should something unforeseen happen. She is practical and offers easy to action advice, which is as simple as changing your beneficiaries on your Superannuation. Sit back and enjoy my conversation with Lucy as she is a perfect combination of head and heart when it comes to considering all things estate planning.

If you'd like to get in contact, you can head on over to Head and Heart Estate Planning and book a free call with Lucy today.

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