Episode 20

If you are confused about where to get started when it comes to splitting your finances after separation and divorce then we have you covered. Join Joelene Nel, family lawyers and mediator, as she walks you through how to build your balance sheet so you can identify and value what you have.

On this week’s episode of The Separation Place Podcast we speak to Joelene Nel, family lawyer and mediator, about where to start when it comes to managing your property settlement. The best place to start is with your balance sheet. This will become your working document to identifying the assets and liabilities of your marriage or relationship. Let’s face it, you can’t divide it, until you have a clear picture of what it is!

In this episode we answer some burning questions to help get your started. 

  • What should be in your balance sheet?
  • Who is the legal owner or your assets?
  • How can you value your assets?
  • What to do when you can’t agree on the value?
  • When to seek advice around tax implications?
  • How to deal with loans from family members?
  • How to value, split or keep your Superannuation?
  • How to put it all in perspective?

This episode is so valuable and in fact is where every family lawyer usually starts. So why not get ahead with these great tips from Joelene.

Joelene is a family lawyer and mediator at McLaughlins Lawyers.  If you need help to reach agreement with your ex-partner about dividing you assets after separation, Joelene can act as a mediator.

 Joelene can also use her knowledge and skills as a family lawyer to help get your agreement documented properly. You can Joelene on (07) 5591 5099 to discuss your family law matter.

Don't know where to start when it comes to the finances after separation?

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