Episode 2

In this episode Rachael speaks with Anne-Marie Rice, a leading family lawyer and mediator who shares her thoughts on the value of mediation in resolving family conflict.

Anne-Marie Rice is an accomplished and passionate family lawyer and mediator who, in this conversation, helps us understand what mediation is and how it can be an incredibly useful tool in solving family conflict.

Mediation is process which allows families to step outside the traditional structures of family law and use creative ways to resolve conflict. 

Your first port of call is government funded organisations such a the Family Relationship Centres and Relationships Australia. You also have the option of engaging a private mediator. We discuss how you go about finding a private mediator that is right for you.

Mediation allows you to walk away with an agreement that you can live with and move on with. That can be facilitated with both people in the some room or in some cases in separate rooms. The goal is to facilitate productive discussion and to reduce the damaging effects of conflict on you, your kids and the entire family.

Anne-Marie is an absolute delight to talk to and this conversation is no exception. If you happen to hear a few bumps and bangs in the background, it was her gorgeous and hilarious puppy, Leo, making sure he wasn't left out!

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