Episode 14

This week I speak to Jo Alilovic, employment lawyer from 3D HR Legal and co-host of "The Juggle" Podcast as we discuss flexible work arrangements after separation.

I was so excited to welcome my good friend and fellow lawpreneur, Jo Alilovic, onto the show this week. Jo is an employment lawyer at her firm 3D HR Legal and the co-host of the podcast "The Juggle" supporting mums who juggle family and careers.

Jo brings her experience as an employment lawyer and her smarts as a mum, juggling family life and career, to discuss how to ask for flexible work arrangements after separation. Because things may look different after separation and divorce and that may impact on working hours and capabilities. Listen into to this informative conversation as Jo helps you navigate the steps you need to take to ask for flexible work arrangements after separation.

She's also shared her free guide to help you get started. See the link below.

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If you'd like to get in touch with Jo you can contact her at:


If you'd like to listen on to 'The Juggle' Podcast, find out more here:


If you'd like the free guide on flexible work arrangements you can find it here:


Don't know where to start after separation?

We'll point you in the right direction. Download your free copy of  'Finding Courage after Separation' now for practical tips on how to move your family forward after separation.


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