Episode 13

Suzanne Harrison, solicitor and Accredited Family Specialist, explains what a Binding Financial Agreement is and what you need to consider if you are contemplating on.

This week I had a conversation with Suzanne Harrison, an experience family solicitor and Accredited Family Specialist, about Binding Financial Agreements. It all sounds a bit legal, but you might know them as a pre-nup or even post-nup. Think of it as entering into an agreement about how your assets would be divided if that relationship or marriage were to end. But like anything in law, it's not that simple.

Sue offers some practical advice what on a BFA is, what to think about if you are considering one and how to go about getting one in place. I think it's fair to say, getting a solicitor to draft a BFA won't be cheap. Nor is it is not as simple as downloading a document from the internet as both signing it. However the stakes are high. So if you are considering this option you should do it right. From the beginning.

We discuss how to choose a lawyer and why you should consider an Accredited Family Specialist for this important document.

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