Episode 10

Dr Cam McDonald, Exercise physiologist and Accredited Practising dietitian, joins us this week to talk about Health Types™ and why an individualised approach to health is key to living your best life moving forward.

This week I had a conversation with Dr Cam McDonald from ph360 who is an Exercise physiologist and Accredited Practising dietitian. Cam is motivated to help people live their best life by taking into consideration their genetics, their food & lifestyle choices and their environment. He is passionate about individualising people's approach to health and well being by understanding what their health type is and what their individual needs are.

I heard Cam speak at the Family Law Practitioners Association Annual Retreat recently and just couldn't get enough of this incredibly interesting and innovative information about individualised health! It makes perfect sense that we are different (physically, psychologically, emotionally and neurologically) and have different needs when it comes to health. So rather than buying into one particular diet or another in order to improve your overall health, the individual approach Cam is advocating is far more appealing. It generated a lot of buzz at FLPA with lots of family lawyers keen to find out their Health Type and learn more on how to individualise their approach towards their own health and well-being.

When going through separation and divorce, health is often relegated to the bottom of the list. However, if we understand and nurture our own health type we'd be much better placed to deal with curveballs separation and divorce sometimes throws at us. 

Thanks Cam for sharing your passion on a thoroughly enjoyable topic that will potentially change the way we all think about our own health in the future!

Here's the Health Type circle so you can begin to learn where you might fit in. 

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