The online platform providing quality legal information to families going through separation and divorce.


Do your family law client come to you:

  • with unrealistic expectations?
  • using outdated or American influenced concepts like 'custody' and 'access'?
  • with a bundle of printed information they've found on Google outlining their 'rights'?
  • with stories of what their friend/cousin/neighbour got from their property settlement and expecting the same?
  • wanting you to provide a high end service for a low cost price?
  • asking the same questions about family law concepts over and over again that might be blowing out your fixed fee scope?

Well you are not alone. These common and frustrating (non-billable) hurdles continue to take family lawyers away from the valuable fee earning legal work they need to get on with. What if those hurdles could be managed without taking up any more of your precious time?

What if your family law clients came to you informed, educated and with a comprehensive set of relevant instructions and realistic expectations?

Well now they will, when you incorporate The Source into the family law service you already provide.

The Source, is a month by month online affordable platform that you and your clients have unlimited access, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This complimentary tool will streamline your process and adds incredible value to the legal services you are currently providing. 

Your subscription to The Source is billed monthly and can be cancelled at any time. 


Hi, I'm Rachael.

I'm a barrister, mediator and FDRP. I run a busy family mediation practice on the Gold Coast where I work predominantly from French Quarter Chambers and Mediation Centre.

I created The Separation Place to help you provide your client's with valuable family law information without taking you away from your busy legal practice.

What Clients Say

"Rachael's amazing online platform was exactly what we needed to get on the same page - particularly how we could co-parent our 2 kids."

- Gold Coast Mum - 

Saves you time

Helping your clients understand the process of family law is incredibly time consuming. Let The Source help educate them for you so they will come to you with specific and targeted questions for you to answer.

"I wish I had known about this before I went to court the first time."  - Parent renegotiating arrangements - 

Quality information you can trust

I created The Source  drawing upon my experience of nearly 18 years as a barrister in QLD and legal practitioner in the UK. I am a Doyles listed Leading Mediator in Regional Queensland and have mediated over 400 family law matters. I take pride in educating the parties before and during my mediations, empowering them to resolve their own disputes.

"Rachael's educational materials are a credit to her and in invaluable resource for separating couples. Highly recommended."  - Kim Briese, Briese lawyers, Toowoomba - 

A valuable resource for your clients.

A professional, easily accessible and straightforward online platform that will assist your clients over and over again.

"Excellent modules, very informative and engaging. So relevant to my situation and has given me the tools to be more forward focused for my childs' best interests."  - Mum living in remote Australia - 



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