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"Knowledge makes everything simpler."

John Maeder

Divorce or separation frequently ranks second on the most stressful and debilitating life events. Second only to the death of a close family member. So the loss, fear and disconnection you are feeling right now is completely and utterly justified. Don't let anyone (including yourself) tell you otherwise. 

On a personal level you are going to need time to heal. 

On a practical level you will need to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to make change in yours and your children’s day to day lives in order to move forward.

What I have discovered is that most people will ultimately move on from separation and rebuild their lives after a period of uncertainty. But the difference is the way in which you rebuild it.

Some will eventually rebuild after travelling down the blame and shame road. Choosing the conflict path which only invites heartache and despair. 

On the flip side, others choose to build a solid foundation for the future by devoting your time and energy to learning and building these necessary foundations so you can create positive change.

The Separation Place can help you embrace change positively, purposefully and proactively. You can lead your family to a brighter and more fulfilling future when you equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to resolve family conflict now and into the future.

 Don’t allow your light to be dimmed by family conflict. You can and will shine again after separation. A little self compassion, understanding and positive communication will see you through. You can and will find the strength to make your own decisions, without the expense and heartache of court. Choices that are right for you. Choices that nurture you and your children’s emotional wellbeing. The future is bright, let us show you the way.

Don't stumble over something that is already behind you.

Seneca the Younger

Hi, I'm Rachael.

I'm a family lawyer, mediator and Director of The Separation Place. Seeing the debilitating effects of family conflict has caused to me stop, pause and pivot in a different direction.

About a year ago I stopped representing people in court. Not because I've stopped caring, but because I believe that, for most people, it does more harm than good.

Through my work as a family mediator, I have learned that there is another way. Another path to tread which invites compassion, positive communication and the freedom to embrace change.

Through education and mediationI can bring positive change to you, so that you can free yourself from family and parental conflict and become whole again.

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