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The Separation Place combines quality legal information and powerful mediation skills to help you keep control and keep the dollars in your pocket.


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The Separation Place, led by Rachael Hempling, is a business that specialises in keeping you out of court.

Have you separated or are about to separate and you want help sorting out parenting and property matters without getting into the toxic and expensive court environment?

If the answer is yes, then my help and assistance has been specifically designed for you.

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Over the coming weeks Rachael will be offering a free webinar "Sorting your Split - get the facts before your divide your assets after separation and divorce". 


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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Rachael clearly knows what she is doing and has a very positive and realistic attitude towards the process. She is very professional, yet compassionate."

- Gold Coast Mum - 

Save Money

Separating a family is hard, emotionally and financially. Think of it like a pie. You have a whole pie. But then you have to carve it up. No one gets the whole pie, they only get bits of the pie and have to make do, start a new life with those bits. You need all the cash you can get to find that fresh start. Don't spend part of your precious pie on expensive legal fees.

"I wish I had known about you before I went to court the first time."  - Parent renegotiating arrangements - 


There is nothing worse than living with uncertainty. Not knowing how or when things will resolve and not being able to move on with your life while you wait years for a court hearing date. Keeping control of your arrangements after separation and divorce means you do not have to live with uncertainty and you control what happens.

"I feel such relief that we were able to sort our finances out."  - Northern Rivers Retiree - 

A Fresh Start

Divorce and separation is one of the top 3 stressful life events. Making sure you move through this time with purpose and avoiding conflict sets you up for a much fresher start after divorce.

"Rachael is a wonderful, empathetic mediator who will guide her clients down a respectful path to resolution. Her educational materials and course are a credit to her and in invaluable resource for separating couples. Highly recommended."  - Kim Briese, Briese lawyers, Toowoomba - 

Get your free copy of Finding Courage After Separation

Don't know where to start after separation? Our guide 'Finding Courage After Separation' will point you in the right direction.




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